The year was 1943, when the seed of ministry, which was to become the Greater Victory Temple, was planted in the rich fertile spirit of a young, Elder Sennie Rudolph Martin.

Elder Martin laid down to rest and the Lord spoke to him through a vision.  A  woman sat in a rocking chair and began to weep saying, “We are in Monterey and there is no church here.” Finally arriving in Monterey, Elder Martin sought out just one Christian. He was led to the door of the woman in the rocking chair.  

Upon her request, Elder Martin laid hands on her and her illness was was healed instantly.  Little did Elder Martin know at the time that the church the lady prayed for and the location of the little restaurant where the family ate that day on the corner of Harcourt and Fremont streets would become the future Victory Temple Church.

The church was born.

Pastor Ronald Britt
Pastor Emeritus Bishop W.W. Hamilton
Elder Phillip Jones Pastoral Assistant
First Lady Angelia Britt
Elder Anthony Henry Pastoral Assistant & Prison Ministry
Elder Wayne Garnett Pastoral Assistant
Elder Wendell Sells Pastoral Assistant